Products Information

The company specializes in the production of brushless gear motor. The inner rotor structure of the product has been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office in 2007 and obtained the national patent, which is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving and strong bearing capacity.

DATAI Six-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor and (Modular) Controller System

The newest six phase permanent magnet synchronous motor, it can choose Hall sensor and encoder sensor ( High precision position sensor ) according to your needs.

The speed of the vehicle can reach 40-55km/h.

Load 1 ton easily elimb 30% slope mountain road.

Electronic brake assist and anti slip down protection make the vehicle safe.

Downhill can control the constant speed , so that your vehicle overload downhill more safe.

Regenerative braking function for increase mileage.

CAN Communication protocols , more intelligent.

Smooth start and more comfortable driving.

High efficiency , efficieney reached 94% , increase vehicle mileage.

Soft start , six - phase permanent magnet synchronous motor torque than ordinary motor increased by 30%.

Variable-speed rear axle of national invention patent

The variable rear axle is independently developed and manufactured, with mature technical structure,easy to operate, simple and safe. It has obtained the national invention patent.

High and low speed torque conversion, effectively increase the climbing and load capacity.

Full floating rear axle structure design increases load capacity, convenient and quick replacement of accessories, no need to remove the rear axle wheels, better braking performance.

Gear machining accuracy is very high, stable performance, low noise.

A variety of gear ratio options to meet the needs of various vehicles.

DATAI independent suspension drive system

The independent suspension structure makes vehicles more comfortable and safe in different road conditiors.

High efficiency, efficiency reached 94%,increase vehicle mileage.

Low voice, more comfortable for customers perfect experience.

Soft start, six - phase permanent magnet synchronous motor torque than ordinary motor increased by 30%.

Three-speed regulation function: SPORT MODE, NORMAL MODE, ECO MODE.

DATAI elevator and track drive complete system

It work with six phase permanent magnet synchronous motor,strong driving capacity and large bearing capacity, The motor has high efficiency, up to 94%,saving power and increasing continuous mileage.

Gearbox independent R & D design, mature structure, stable operation, low noise.

The bearing capacity of rear axle is strong, and the processing technology of half shaft is mature.

The controller has high fficiency, stability and low failure rate.